That Good Salad, Low Cal Style

Well, there's warm weather and that means salad.  Gotta have a good go-to salad, and mine is "that good salad" which I love to make when it is warm enough to wear tanks and flip flops.

A while ago, I entered all of the ingredients I usually use into a calorie counter and realized really quickly that just because the meal you are eating is a salad, doesn't mean you are eating healthy!

So, after some reassessing of the ingredients...I am excited to share a low calorie version of the same thing which is surprisingly just as tasty!


2/3 olive oil
1/3 lemon juice
3 cloves garlic minced

{let sit while you prepare the salad}


Turkey Bacon cooked to crispy {instead of regular bacon}
Mozzarella shredded {instead of parmesan and asiago}
Romaine or Baby Lettuce Mix chopped
Candied Walnuts {these are too delicious to omit}
Croutons {homemade with brushed olive oil and baked for a bit}


Mix everything, and enjoy!

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