Be Right Here

I naturally tend to live in the now, not really thinking too much about tomorrow, just today.  And I like to be that way.  But as I get older, I am finding more and more experiences (the not so nice ones) piled deeply within myself, drawing me away from the beautiful present and into the darker past.  I am easily distracted by this place, all the while holding desperately on to the beauty that is today.

So much so that my dreams haunt me; my subconscious lashing out in protest to the unsuccessful stifling and ignoring of what stays unresolved in my heart.  I guess that sometimes there is no closure, only questions.

I walked the puppy to the park today.  Every bee and blade of grass found her curious.  We settled into a nice spot, she lay down in the crook of my arm, and I closed my eyes.  The blue sky wrapped us up in its nowness, its clarity.

"You wander from room to room

Hunting for the diamond necklace

That is already around your neck!"


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