Everyone's Happy

No more.  Nope.  Not doing the homework gig any longer!!  And, I admit to getting over a 3.0....so I deserve a big smile.  See...I'm smiling.

But you know, it isn't an achievement that makes someone happy.

It is being able to go into something knowing you will do your best and that your best will be good enough.

Happiness is having faith in yourself.

I wanted to give up half way through this semester.  My shop doubled, maybe tripled its popularity at the beginning of the semester...and there was always the parenting and volunteering, and house cleaning....and I was just so fed up!  And exhausted!

But I kept on.  And I knew I could do it, if I just DID it.

And, kind of like Christmas...the end finally came and it's over (only there isn't that weird After-Christmas let down).

It is time to get back to the stuff that I want to do, like designing jewelry, being an attentive mom ALL of the time, teaching the puppy to heal, and whatever else I feel like doing.

Today I played Mario with my kids, watched some Sci-fi, and made lemon pepper cod fillets for dinner.  I also did the dishes.  And we walked to the park for some sun time.

That all seemed way more achievable without homework deadlines looming in the background.

Anyway, I feel like I am BACK from some nightmare hiatus called "college".

Hello.  It is nice to be here.

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