WOYWW: Looking Forward

What's on your work desk this Wednesday?  I hope there is a ton of creativity going on in your world, because, I swear it makes at least my world go 'round!

I am looking forward reallllly hard to the end of the semester (only ONE week away, thank you!) so that I have time to work with all of those pretty beads you see there, and the newest addition still in little bags.

With schoolwork always looming, I have had no time to do anything besides fill orders for designs already in my shop, so I am so excited to find the time again for aimless exploring in the shop and new work!

I have about a million ideas that have just been sitting around in my head while instead of working them out, I have been writing papers about Dante, Dali and Religion.  Oh My.  I also wrote a paper about raising urban chickens.  And this week, I will be writing a paper about Michelangelo, another about a play, and finishing up a non-fiction writing portfolio.

I also have another gazillion blog ideas just waiting for me to find the time....oh, and I need to plan a vacation.

Basically, the light at the end of the tunnel has shown itself, and is staring me in the face..and if I can just complete the last few tasks...there will be a LOT more time for the things I love.

And.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.

Happy WOYWW, all.  Go say hi to Julia for hosting.

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