Gratified Fridays: Working Girl

It has officially been a year since I opened my Etsy shop, Tarnished & True, and things have only grown more and more steady.

So... happy birthday to my shop, and the fruition of an idea, and a little homegrown business that is all my own.

And Thank You------>

A big thanks to all of my wonderful customers for showing me that my jewelry is beautiful enough to buy.

All of my readers, thank you for the encouragement and feedback on my work, that has been priceless.

Thanks you especially to Matt for all of those beautiful little wooden crates you have made (over 200) that make my shop super special.

And to the kids, thanks for giving up your mom to her work bench even when you want so badly to play Nintendo with her, or watch bad sci-fi TV shows.

Love to you all.


Now I am back to the workbench to kick out all of those Mother's Day orders that are keeping me from doing my homework. :)

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