Gratified Fridays: Good Endings

It is that time of year when good things come to an end.  The kids are ending their forth and sixth years of school (yes!! there will be a middle school kid here next year, unbelievable!).

Pottery class is over and we are patiently waiting for MyGirl's Hippo sculpture and MyBoy's Axolotl sculpture to be fired and ready for exhibition.

House hunting means we will finally be saying goodbye to this in between house and moving on to the next real home.  With all the house hunting keeping me busy, there has been a need for trucker coffee stops and quick homemade mac and cheese dinners.

And finally, Matt's favorite coworker retired from the tower this week.  She threw a raucous party and we all celebrated her next chapter in life, youthful and happy, retirement will be a beautiful thing for her!

Without and end, there is no beginning.

I am watching my husband vacuum the furniture, balancing the machine precariously on our desk.  It looks like he may need my help.

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