WOYWW: Finally Found the Perfect Work Stool

I have been searching thrift stores, office furniture stores, department stores, and the internet, but I just couldn't find a chair that suited my needs in the shop.  I need something adjustable, and without arm rests, and that is pretty comfy (foot rests).  While doing our monthly stock up at Costco, Matt and I came across this stool, and we were both immediately sold on it.

Isn't it cute and perfect?  To adjust it you just wind it up or down, and it has this great blacksmith/metalsmith feel because of the wrought iron it is made with.  The seat has a weathered finish to it and just enough width and contour to be pretty comfortable.

Other than that, I have just been busy busy filling orders, and making lists of them for each shop session.  Today I have over 20 rings to make, and that makes me happy!

Hope this Wednesday finds you all creating beautiful things...now go visit some more lovelies over at Stamping Ground for your weekly dose of WOYWW.

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