The Big Secret Revealed...

I hinted at this very big secret a few posts ago...and it has been killing me to keep quiet about this...because it is just so exciting!

We finally found a house that we not only want to buy, but are the accepted buyers as well!  If you've ever bought a house, you know how many stars have to align for all of this to happen at the same time.

First, finding the house.  So many variables here!  Is it in a nice area, is the school district good, is it close to work and shopping but far enough away from neighbors, has it a big enough lot, enough bedrooms...and on and on.

And of course it won't be perfect, but it has to be perfect enough!

And on to whole long process!  With the housing market here, we found that the second you know you might want to buy a house, you should have already written the offer yesterday!  The competition is insane.  It was so nerve racking hoping that our offer was a good offer, and that we wouldn't be out-bidded by someone else!  We had written three previous offers on other homes before finding this house, and missed out on a couple of other houses because we thought about them for too long...

It got to the point where I had to just trust that what needed to happen, the right house for us, would come when we were ready.

And here it is.  The right house for us.

Now for the juicy details!  

The yard and location are my absolute favorite things about this place.  The house sits on a quarter acre, lots of room to garden, play with puppies, and set the trampoline back up!  The lot backs up to a beautiful green space filled with towering cedars, and fir trees, and a little creek.  

Because of the green space, the whole neighborhood feels like a wooded park, it is a hidden forest, tucked away in the middle of town!  Chipmunks, red robins, and blue jays are some of the wild life I have seen in my few trips to the house so far.  It is really beautiful.  The nature lover in me is just elated!

The house itself was built in 1969, and is in good condition, but needs updating, which we are so excited to start!  Matt has grown up around his Dad's work as a contractor, so he is ready to remodel, and I'm not afraid of a little sheetrock or power tools.  We can't wait to knock out walls, install pretty wood and tile flooring, and design our dreamy master suite!  With 3300 square feet, three fireplaces, and 6 bedrooms, I think we will be quite busy.  

Extra bonus, if you didn't already think the house is perfect for us....it already has a shop bench set up in a room of its own, just waiting for me to set up the new Tarnished & True workspace.  No more working in the garage!!  I have too many plans and ideas for that room to even write down.

We are now at the tail end of the whole negotiation process.  We were very thorough, and I recommend this, about having the inspections done.  We hired a full inspection, had the foundation assessed, and had the sewer scoped.  Luckily the sellers are being incredibly helpful and accommodating about fixing some things.  

Today we signed the last addendum, and after one last inspection, and the financing being wrapped up, it will be officially ours!  I'm so holding my breathe with fingers crossed (but just on one hand because two is bad luck).

Stay tuned...

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