An Octopus Birthday

A big birthday came and went for us this week.  MyBoy turned 12.  Umm, wow.  Big,...and stuff.  I did the two most expected things for birthdays at our house.  I made a handmade card and a cake sculpture.

Is anyone else dying laughing at the punch line I finally came up with for this card??  I know, it's a bit of a stretch, but my dry humour is eating it up..still!

MyBoy's recent favorite word is the word, "Derpy".  He says it all the time, and loves anything deemed to be "derpy".  

What the word means according to the Urban Dictionary


Something that can explain something that is cool or dumb.
1)Man this song is so derpy!
2)Yah, that guy is such a derpy derp!

The word has really caught on around here, in fact so much that for his 12th birthday, he really wanted to do something derpy in celebration.  

He decided on a "derpy octopus" theme. 

He illustrated a cake design and was instrumental in its execution (the days have come when he is nearly as capable as I at spreading frosting!).  Triple chocolate with cream cheese frosting and gummi lifesaver accents.

The ever helpful husband of mine carpooled MyBoy and friends and sister to a trampoline filled venue where they bounced themselves silly before rendezvousing at our neighborhood park for squirt gun fights and food.

Happy Birthday to a more amazing, talented, funny, smart son than I could have ever dreamed of.

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