Thanksgiving Recap

Leading up to Thanksgiving it was all work around here and no play...the shop has been keeping me crazy busy with a record 63 sales this month so far.  I just looked at the orders and counted 131 single rings...oh wow.

So all week I looked forward to Thanksgiving Day.  Not only is it my favorite holiday, but I had planned not to do any shop business all day...and I didn't.  (Okay, I answered a few emails, but that's it, I promise!)

Playing in the kitchen never feels like work to me, and cooking is something Matt and I really enjoy doing together.  I loved watching my kids prepping and chopping veggies, ripping bread for stuffing, and brushing olive oil on bread for the crostinis.

We cooked and cooked until we were starving, and sat down to play some rumikube and have our first course, while the oven was busy cooking the main dishes.  On Thanksgiving, board games are a must!

On the menu for appetizers we had crostinis, some with salmon, dill and cream cheese, and some with fig jam and blue cheese.  We also made stuffed mushrooms and sweet potato fries.  Yum!

The stuffing, ham, and sweet potatoes came out delicious.  It was just so nice to sit down around our table together in our new house and enjoy the feast.

Then with full bellies we sat around the fire.

Now it is back to work, I expect the next few weeks to be quite a rush....and that Christmas day will be another welcome vacation day for me when it arrives!

Giving thanks this year for holidays, and relaxation.

Cheers, friends!  Stay cozy.

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