Juicing and Being Selfish

I didn't exactly make a new year's resolution.  I did vaguely talk to myself about taking better care of me.  You know, that person who takes care of everyone else??  Well, I know she's been a bit neglected...

Today, I am on day three of a ten day juice fast.  Yep, only juice from my trusty juicer...all...day...long.  (I could really go for some pasta and marinara sauce right now.)  

My main focus is to cleanse my body as a sort of transition into some lifestyle changes.  Nothing drastic, just getting enough sleep, enough exercise, enough time to myself, and feeding myself three times a day.  Seriously, amazed that I am raising healthy kids and pets, when I look at the way I take care of myself!

Two things I would recommend to anyone considering juicing regularly are getting a high quality juicer and a good juicing book.  

I just traded my old (7 years!!) juicer in for a slow juicer (Omega brand) and the actual juice that comes out of it is incredible!  It just looks like it has more vitamins in it and tastes richer too.

A good book is helpful because drinking juice all day means you need variety, and some new recipes can get you putting things you never thought could be juiced in that juicer.  I found out that I really like melon juice in the morning, and that a juiced sweet pepper isn't as bad as it sounds.  I'm using The Complete Book of Juicing.

So far I am feeling great about the juice fast.  I just keep telling myself that I can do this and am drinking a lot of tea.

Cheers, to my health and yours!

Our bodies are our gardens 
to which our wills are gardeners. 
– William Shakespeare

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chandra said...

i'm trying to take care of myself more this year too by squeezing in more workouts and yes...sleep! i love all of your snapshots...the fruit and veggies look absolutely amazing, not to mention so yummy. maybe we should use up a wedding gift card and invest in a juicer. i've just stayed away from them thinking the cleanup is just a mess.

Annie Smith @AjaxDay said...

you should! This juicer is much easier cleaning than my last one...and it is so worth it! And, it goed along with your jump roping regime: juicing and fitness, baby!! :)

Corrine said...

Sounds good and looks even better, that papaya makes me want to go make some juice right now...

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