Big Project Reveal and Process: Ancient Valkyrie Necklace

Ancient Valkyrie Statement Necklace in Natural Turquoise and Sterling Silver

This big beautiful piece of turquoise was in my collection for over a year...just waiting for inspiration to hit.

This project began as a few stones, a design idea, and just silver sheet and wire.  It inspired a lot of silver details; a pierced cut out design at the back, a complex handmade foxtail chain, silver granule accents, and a hand forged fringe.  By the time I finished the piece, I was almost a little sad to be through with it....making it was such a fulfilling process!

I have another beautiful piece of turquoise stone, one that I have been holding onto for myself...I think I'm ready to work on that now, and very inspired to start another handmade chain.

The important thing is to keep producing. All artists have that quality. You have to be tenacious. 
~Mary Frank

3 thoughts:

Middle Sister said...

Holy S.... That is a beauty!

Stylish Little Lady said...

that is one fine piece of statement jewelry!..once again, please stop posting these pretty things...i'm afraid i will go broke;) enjoy your weekend friend!

Annie Smith @AjaxDay said...

If only you lived closer...I would let you borrow it! It would look amazing on you. :D Happy weekend to you too!

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