Forest Park Revisited

This time we went to Forest Park with maps.  You can get an incredible little packet of maps for the park at REI which is helpful for planning specific hikes.  We hiked the Big Stump hike.  You'll notice there are no photos of said Big Stump...it was not that worthy.  I much more enjoyed the mushrooms clinging to the trees, bug life, and misty ambiance the day provided.

And..Pizza from Pizza Schmizza rounded off the 6.2 mile hike.  Completely great excursion.

3 thoughts:

Adrienne said...

Have you ever heard of geocaching (http://www.geocaching.com/)? Might find it fun if you take trips like these often. *jealous*

P.S. Thank you for being a regular on my blog,I really appreciate it:)

Erika Lee Sears said...

How amazing! I got the new Portland monthly magazine and it had a for Forest Park- I never realized there were so many hiking spots. :)

Those mushrooms in the tree are so Alice in Wonderland esk.

I love Schmizza too!

Ajax said...

Adrienne~ yes, I have geocached before! But in Idaho. I will have to get on it..the kids will love it in the forests here! And..your blog is lovely, of course I'm a regular. :)

Erika~ Schmizza and Portland?>> we have so much in common.

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