Gratified Friday-Sporty

This week was an active week for me, I am thankful for my health and for muscle memory, otherwise I would not have known what I was doing!

------->>>>>  I managed a killer swing while golfing; I teed off and hit the ball 115 yards!  That was a beautiful fall morning on the golf course!

------->>>>>  We recently joined a volleyball league which meets once a week on Thursday nights.  Last night we won AGAIN, our second game and second win.  I am proud to report that I actually scored a ton of points, and somehow remembered the rules (last time I played this sport was in junior high school!)  I am also quite proud of the huge skid mark-bruise combo on my knee, and the very sore state of my muscles.  Go Team!

This morning (right this very second) I am off for a looong walk which will hopefully make me less sore. :)

Happy Weekend All!

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Halina said...

Hello there! Keep up the good work! I admire you sporty ladies that manage to get some exercise in between everything else in life! (I will definitely begin my yoga homeschooling soon...)

Jules8 said...

I love volleyball! Your post reminded me that I want to get back into it. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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