WOYWW: In Numbers

Here it is folks, the bench this week.  While I was working, I thought about the past week, since last Wednesday.  All I can say is...A....LOT!

13-separate jewelry orders filled
21-total rings made
3-earrings made
102-temperature on Monday
8-feet of sterling silver wire purchased
803-views in shop
2-sleepless nights
4-assignments due
1-quiz due
2-plays read

I bring this all up because, isn't it funny how timing works out?  When I signed up for spring classes, I was getting maybe an order a week in the shop.  Now, as I am enrolled full time, my shop has completely taken off, and I am finding I get an average of 2 orders a day.  I love my shop!  I love making jewelry!  I want to be doing just that.  I have all of these great ideas to redesign my business cards, redesign parts of my packaging, change around some of my listings....But this whole school thing is really getting in the way, and I am paying for it (notice the fever of 102 I mentioned).

And then there are those weird unplanned for happenings that are out of your control, and eat up even more energy.

Monday night the wind abducted our puppy.  We forgot to lock the front door, and it was so windy and stormy that around 2 AM the wind threw the door open!  Out wandered the puppy, Bella into the night.  An hour later the doorbell and the big dog Reuben's barking (what a good boy for staying in the house!) woke us up to our neighbor, the policeman.  (I don't call our neighborhood "Pleasantville" for nothing.)  He was worried about our door being wide open.  Matt combed the neighborhood, I couldn't sleep.  Finally at 6AM we got a call from the people who had found her (thank you, nice people!).

Next week is Spring Break for me.  I cannot wait!

No more pencils, no more books....

Linking up with Julia, from Stamping ground.  See more wonderful work desks here!

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